We are the cowboys. The ones who did the “impossible.” The ones who pioneered the
Wild West of Filmmaking when everyone said we couldn’t. 


The biggest question? It’s always about how we did it. How we made an award-winning first film with no investors, no star-studded cast, for only $36,000. You want the truth? We found success when we stopped waiting. When we stopped seeking “secrets” of the trade and set out to uncover the mystery ourselves. We found success when we just did it--all of it.

You can’t wait on someone to save the day. We broke our backs to make this film, but you know what? We owe no one. This is because when you bet on yourself, it happens. It happened. If there is anything we’ve learned in the Wild West of filmmaking, it is this: when the going gets tough and the dust storm kicks up, you're on your own--and you’ve got to get the job done.
Ever wonder why cowboys carry a flask? Because, sometimes, you’ve got to drink alone.


Despite what you may believe, there’s no sheriff in the lawless land of filmmaking. You can make all your own dreams come true - but it may be with overalls and a shovel. Those “secrets” we mentioned? We think it’s near time they were told. 


We’re scrapping old school for the new school: one where you’ll be taught to establish the essentials, find your sources, create your timeline, and capitalize on the realness of making a microbudget film. If you love the craft, want to be a filmmaker, or need guidance, we’ve got the lantern to light the way. You can make it happen, and we’re going to teach you how.
We are transparent. We are lawless.


We are the Wild West Film School.

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